Monday, May 16, 2011

Scholastic Book Fair

…is my best friend.

Every year I get the chance to go to my favorite annual event, the Scholastic Book Fair. If you have never been lucky enough to go, imagine a warehouse filled with books. Every book is on sale (mostly 50% off, some are less off). Basically it’s heaven.

This year I ran around like a crazy person and actually made my arms hurt because I was carrying too many books. (I refuse to get my own cart. I just run to my mom’s shopping cart when I can’t carry anymore.) So in the end, I spent about $80 and got 21 books. Because of my immense happiness over my purchases, I shall list them all. Some I’d read before, but many I haven’t. (I have way too many books in my room I need to read….)

(HR) = Have read

I’ve been going to the book fair since I was little. Every year I try to get a series (as long as I have enough money). Last year I got the Harry Potter series (I originally read my brother’s copies, but I wanted my own) and the Percy Jackson series. One year I got the whole Series of Unfortunate Events. This year it was the Maximum Ride series (I didn’t get Final Warning because it was sold out. I’m ordering it from B&N) which I am currently hooked on. I’ll do a review on the whole series once I’m finished.

So this post was to brag on my new books, and to suggest that you track down the closest Scholastic warehouse, and wait outside till the Fall sale. :)

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