About Me

Why I Started This Blog:

I absolutely love to read. You probably won't find me ever NOT in the middle of reading a book. When I find myself without a book to read, I kind of go crazy and quickly grab one off my shelf to reread, or take a spontaneous trip to the library. So through out all of my reading adventures, my mother has told me constantly to keep track of what I read. Granted, this is a very smart idea, but for a lazy (I'm working on it...) teenager, this just sounded hard. Enter English teacher. In my English II class, my teacher said that she counted book reviews as extra credit. I thought, "I can do that! I read all the time!" However, now I had to start making a list of what I read. Then I was introduced to the famous "book blog." Searching for a book review online one day, I came across a girl's book blog. I began visiting it everyday and soon decided that this was the perfect hobby for me. Not only could I make myself keep track of what I read, but I would also get to have a blog that I actually update (a rarity for me). Hence, Hyperman's Book Blog. (Questions about the title? Read this post.) 

My Likes and Dislikes:

  • I LOVE DYSTOPIAN BOOKS! This all started once I read The Hunger Games (a suggestion from the same English teacher) and fell in love. (The original name of this blog was "Finding the Next Hunger Games," but I realized I read more than just similar books) 
  •  My current favorite books ever are The Hunger Games.
  • I read almost any romance (strictly YA, none of those weird adult paperbacks for me!). I really dislike the romances with teens that involve sex, because I don't agree with that. So I don't read those. (And here we find the reason for my "content warnings" section, although I explained that in a post as well)
  • I used to LOVE Twilight. Like, seriously. Well, not that seriously, because I was never quite as obsessed as some people. But now I view the whole series as rather silly. I still watch the movies (I bought the first three, but I laugh at the first) but I just can't get into the story anymore, it's just really...dumb. 
  • I have this problem where I end up in the middle of about 7 series at once. I really don't know exactly how this happens, except that I start reading based on recommendations. Also, I guess I get bored, and move on, still intending to finish the other series. But I do LOVE series!! I love to watch the characters through out all the books. However, extremely long series turn me away. I really can't do it if each book is long in their own right. It's too much in front of me.
  •  I want a library. Just sayin'.
  • I strictly read fiction. I don't have anything against non-fiction readers, it's lovely that it's real stories, but it bores me.
  • Paranormal romances are not my thing. They all seem too much like Twilight and it just gets annoying. How are you supposed to relate to someone who's a vampire/werewolf/zombie/mermaid/ghost?
  • I DO like magic stories (LIKE HARRY POTTER!!!!) and other books involving magic elements.
  • I quite adore movies. Usually, I want to see a good 3/4 of the movies that come out on any given weekend. Sadly, I do not have the money, the friends (we share different tastes, mostly), or the car to make this happen. 

So this is me. Basically. I am a lot more that that. But by reading-related things, that's me. :) 
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