Monday, September 5, 2011

FINALLY! My Video Review of the Maximum Ride series

Sorry it took forever for me to do this. I kept putting it off because I knew how long it would take (I was right about that! It took pretty much all day).

So without further ado! Here is my summation and thoughts of/on the first seven Maximum Ride books:

Yeah it’s really long….but that’s because there are SEVEN books!!!

I realized I forgot to give a content warning and rating for the series in the video!

Content Warning: Mild language and kissing

Rating: Capture878



  1. Completely agree with this review! They really aren't high quality books, but I enjoy them so much. xD

    I heard it was originally supposed to end after the third book, but...people demanded more? (Or James Patterson wanted more money, haha)
    Hopefully the last book (which I think is called Nevermore) can at least wrap it up well.

    ALSO. You should seriously read the manga/graphic novel versions. I recommend over the actual books. They are just SO GOOD! <3

    Love your blog! :D

  2. Exactly! They're fun.

    It should have ended after the third book. Really.
    (but they continued probably because of the more-money reason... haha)
    Yes. I'm not sure how I want it to end though. I don't expend enough energy on the characters to think through how i want the ending to be (at least for the fang-max-dylan thingy).

    I've heard all about the manga/graphic novel versions and how good they are!! I'll probably read them someday. :)

    Thanks so much!!!


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