Sunday, June 19, 2011

Review: Exile

Title: Exile
Author: Anne Osterlund
Published: 2011 by Speak, an imprint of Penguin Group
Obtained: Bought
Crown princess Aurelia is a survivor. She survived attempted assassination. She survived the king's rejection. She survived her mother's abandonment. And now, in exile, she must survive her kingdom-from hostile crowds to raw frontier to desert sands. But even as unknown assailants track Aurelia and expedition guide Robert, she knows what her greatest risk is: falling love...

First Sentence:”Hoofbeats thundered from behind.”

TIP: If you didn’t read Aurelia yet, you might want to consider doing that, and not consider reading this review.

Anne Osterlund doesn’t let her readers down with this sequel to her wonderful book Aurelia.

In this book, Aurelia is forced to survive pretty much on her own, due to her sister’s and mother’s continual betrayals. She still has Robert to count on, which means the world to her. However, the main issue in this novel is whether or not she can love him. Her being the crown princess and all makes everything complicated. Could it ever work out, or would is she basically just stringing him along in expectation of something that can never happen?
So, as they race through forests, sand dunes, and fields, trying to escape death, they also deal with their hearts.

This story was romantic, exciting, mysterious, and moving, everything a good book should have. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, but that’s because the sequel is far from coming out. Also, the book was a bit cheesy, but what book isn’t?

Rating: Capture878

Content Warning: Kissing, maybe some language (I forget).


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