Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Bought - Inheritance


Inheritance (Eragon Series (informal name)) by Christopher Paolini

OH YES. I scored this for $16.79 from Kroger instead of the list price of $27.99!!!

Now all I have to do is read Brisingr again. When it takes 3 years to get the next book out, I tend to forget everything from the previous book.

But now I have them all!!! It’s always so lovely knowing that I have an entire series. Especially when it’s a series that’s taken 12 years to be complete. That’s three years a book. INSANE.

But I’m very thankful that he finally published the last one.

849 pages. BRING IT ON. (as soon as I’m caught up with where the last one left off, haha)
I’m so ready to close this series. I hope it’s a satisfying end.

Have you made any exciting purchases lately?
What series are you eagerly waiting to finish?
Do you read the Eragon series? If so, have you gotten your hands on Inheritance yet?

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  1. :D I bought Inheritence from Costco for 17 bucks, too! Now it's sitting nice and pretty on my desk. I can't read it until Thanksgiving break starts, though, or I wouldn't be sleeping at all =.=

    Don't you think it's really nice of Mr. Paulini to put a quick summary of books 1-3 in the front of Inheritence? I love him for it.

    Hahha, well that's probably a good idea to wait then!

    I love that he does that (I think he knows he takes forever, so he does that to be nice to his readers)! However, I have forgotten so much that I can't remember any of the events he's listing, so I just need to reread Brisingr. I've read Eragon and Eldest about 2304 times each, but only read Brisingr once, when it came out (3 years ago!!)
    Hey, you haven't been blogging lately. Is it school?


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