Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Wildwing

Title: Wildwing
Author: Emily Whitman
Published: 2010 from HarperTeen
Obtained: Library
When Addy is swept back in time, she couldn't be happier to leave her miser-able life behind. Now she's mistaken for Lady Matilda, the pampered ward of the king. If Addy can play her part, she'll have glorious gowns, jewels, and something she's always longed for—the respect and admiration of others. But then she meets Will, the falconer's son with sky blue eyes, who unsettles all her plans.
From shipwrecks to castle dungeons, from betrothals to hidden conspiracies, Addy finds herself in a world where she's not the only one with a dangerous secret. When she discovers the truth, Addy must take matters into her own hands. The stakes? Her chance at true love . . . and the life she's meant to live.

I finished this book before I started the blog, but wanted to have something to post about.

I liked this book enough to continue reading it, mostly because I really wanted to know how she was going to get out of her mess. The problem with this book was the main character, I didn't like how selfish and stupid she was. Also it's a tad bit obsessed with falconry. Which, if you like that sport, great, but I thought the constant explanations and demonstrations got old. Another thing was the ending. It was just annoyingly impossible.

But aside from all that, it was fine. Will is a cute, likable guy, so that's nice. And the whole "back-in-time" thing was a refreshingly different (at least for me) plot point.

I don't know...decent. Not great. 

Rating: 6/10

Content Warnings: Passionate kissing

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