Wednesday, January 11, 2017

YALLFest 2016 Experience

Hey guys!

So once again I took a trip to Charleston in November for my second YALLFest Experience! It was just as beautiful and friendly and exciting as last year. While there weren’t as many authors that I was dying to meet as last time, I was still so excited to meet some of my favorites!

For tips and tricks that I compiled last year, you can reference my 2015 post!

This year, I unfortunately attended alone, but the atmosphere is so nice and conversational, that making friends with strangers in lines is the easiest thing in the world. If nothing else, you know you have books in common with them! It definitely helps pass the time in the long lines!

This year, just like last I decided to forgo the panels to fully experience the signing lines and see the most authors. I scheduled out my order of authors and brought snacks and packed my backpack full of books. I knew who I could skip in case of unexpectedly long lines and who I absolutely had to see.

So here are my pictures from YALLFest!! (Sorry for the awkward lean pose, you gotta make do with what you get in the moment, haha!)

Sarah Dessen and I

First up, I got to meet Sarah Dessen! I was getting books signed for a friend by her, I actually haven’t read anything she’s written (I know…), but she is the nicest person. I later bought some of her books, and plan to read them soon!



Nicola Yoon and IEverything, Everything signedNicola Yoon and I

Next I met Nicola Yoon! I had read Everything, Everything in the week leading up to YALLFest based off of rave reviews and the excitement of getting to meet her! It’s an amazing book, and she is a beautiful person. So friendly and hilarious. Definitely plan on reading The Sun is Also a Star soon!



Scott Westerfeld and I Scott Westerfeld and I

Behemoth signedGoliath signed

So I finally got to meet Scott Westerfeld this time, and he is very kind. Such a nice guy! I love his books and loved being able to tell him how much. And now I have all three of my Leviathan books signed!



Pandemonium signedLauren Oliver and IBefore I Fall signed

Lauren Oliver has been a favorite of mine for years now! While I have been bad about reading her more recent books, the Delirium Series is wonderful and Before I Fall holds a special place as one of the first Contemporary YA I ever read. Lauren talked to me about the upcoming Before I Fall movie and how excited she is. The trailer was released a couple days after YALLFest, and it does look amazing!



Jennifer E. Smith and I


Next I got to meet the master of fun Contemporary Romance, Jennifer E. Smith! She is the absolute sweetest, and I loved getting to say hey to her in person.



Between Shades of Gray signedRuta Sepetys and IOut of the Easy signedSalt to the Sea signed

The person I was most excited to meet was Ruta Sepetys. I have been an absolute fan of hers since reading Between Shades of Gray and have read each of her books since then. I love them all so much and recommend them to everyone who loves Historical Fiction, or who wants to love Historical Fiction. I have reviewed all of them on this blog. Her writing is phenomenal. In person, she is just as lovely and amazing as I thought she would be. I adored being able to tell her how much I love her books and how excited I was to meet her. She is the best.


All in all, I got these books signed:

All the books

And it was all amazing!! Definitely going back this year for YALLFest 2017!

Thanks to all the friendly people I talked to in line for making the day all the more fun and exciting!

All right everyone! I’m really going to try and actually blog and read more this year! New Year’s Resolutions! Woo hoo!

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